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Am I Ready for Treatment/Counselling:

It doesn’t seem to matter a lot what the problem is, there are 5 Stages of Readiness for Change. You might ask "Which stage have I reached?"

1.Pre-contemplative stage of change

I’m not even thinking about it as a problem or I’m denying it is a problem when others raise it.

2.Contemplative stage of change

I have recognised there is a problem but I don’t know what to do about it really, or it just seems too hard to move to the next stage.

3.Preparation stage of change

I’m planning change and working out how to do it, researching ideas and what support or treatment I might need, and I’m trying to get ready to have a go at making a change happen.

4.Action stage of change

I’m taking my first steps in my action plan; I’m not always successful and I’m pretty scared I might fail at making this change happen.

5.Maintenance stage of change

I’m regularly practicing my changed actions, I’m lapsing less often and I get through the lapses by keeping my focus on how much success I had before the lapse, what I can learn from the lapse, and planning for a new personal best (e.g 10 days without a lapse after making it to 9 days last time).

So what stage of change do I need to be at before I am ready for counselling?  You will get the best out of counselling if you are at stages 2-5.  But coming to counselling at stage 1 is still a good idea as it might just give more insight about the problem, the parts of life the problem is messing with and how it affects others.  This might just help get to stage 2 and beyond. 

Chances are, if you are reading this you are ready.

If you are not sure some, online self-scoring tests that assess how strong symptoms have become can be found here. If you decide to make an appointment please print the results and bring them to your appointment to see a GP or when you see the counsellor.