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Children and Parents (Family Counselling):

What's available For Families with Children?

NOTE: Parents will often be asked to sit in for part of a session.

The therapist offers Counselling for situations where children experience:

Anxiety and Sadness;

Isolation and School Refusal;

Life Crises/Adjustment Issues; 

Suicidal Thoughts;

Anger and Aggression;

Trauma including Family and Domestic Violence (note - People who victimise family members and victimised family members are not routinely seen together);

Family Conflicts;

Prayer Ministry is also available.

Please note the therapist has among his Special Interests:

Managing Strong Emotion/Anxiety;

Improving Esteem;

Assisting People Victimised by Family and Domestic Violence;

Counselling High School aged children.

(had a previous profession as a secondary teacher for 20 years)

And what if my child doesn't want to talk?

Below is a video clip that might help.  It includes the advice of a respected clinician as well as interviews with parents, and young people who benefitted from finding someone talking to them.  It is from the well respected organisation Beyond Blue.

Please share it with other parents who do not know what to do.


What else can I do?

Below is a video clip that might help you manage with your child.