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Individual Counselling:

What's available For Individuals?

I offer treatment using Focused Psychological Strategies for:

Anxiety and diagnosed Anxiety Disorders;

Depression and diagnosed Mood Disorders (including Bipolar Affective Disorder),

Life Crises and Adjustment Issues; 

Suicidal Thoughts;

Hallucinations and other Distressing Symptoms of mental ill health

Anger and Aggression Management;

Trauma and Family and Domestic Violence (note - people who victimise family members and victimised family members are not routinely seen together);

Workplace Conflict/Stress;

Marriage/Relationship Problems;

Family Conflicts.

Improving Parenting Skills.

Prayer and Christian Counselling is also available.  A range of other models can be drawn upon in therapy.

Practicing Emotional Hygiene:

Guy Winch PhD, a psychologist, explains some key tips to use to practice emotional hygiene in a very popular TED Talks lecture (17:29 of your time that may prove to be a good investment).