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Self Help Links:

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

A personality test to find out about your temperament

Bipolar Self-Test (Mood Swings Questionnaire - MSQ)

For a mood swing questionnaire from a reputable site (Black Dog Institute)

Managing Test Anxiety

Tips for reduce test and exam stress

Stopping That Lid from Flipping

What to expect of yourself when you experience ‘overwhelm’ and what you can do about it (Hand Model of the Brain).  Play the Video Below

Marriage Builders Forms and Questionnaires:

The Emotional Needs Questionnaire (ENQ)

Love Busters Questionnaire for Him (LBQ)

Love Busters Questionnaire for Her (LBQ)

Test for Sign and Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression:

Anxiety and Depression Checklist (K10)

This site will score your reported symptoms and tell you what you can do about it.

Parenting: if you are one, or think perhaps something was absent when you grew up:

I recommend these clips whether you are a parent or you think maybe you didn't experience strong parent bonding growing up:

If you are not sure about your level of coping some online self-scoring tests that assess how strong symptoms have become can be found here. If you decide to make an appointment please print the results and bring them to your appointment to see a GP or when you see the counsellor.