More Hope                More Calm              Get on Better

ABN 80 483 081 209

Specialties (also areas where not specialised):

Personal, Marriage and Parent/Family Counselling Specialties include:

Focused psychological strategies (a Medicare rebate is available);

Christian counselling and prayer (if preferred);

Counselling with men for issues they prefer to discuss with a male counsellor;

Reducing depression symptoms and increasing hopefulness;

Managing and understanding anxiety and ‘overwhelm’ to experience calmness more often;

Recovery from trauma so it is easier to function;

Maximising recovery from mental ill health symptoms (e.g. hallucinations and other distressing symptoms);

Managing strong emotion and reducing aggressive behaviour/reactions for children and adults so family members are not scared and want to be close;

Supporting people victimised by family and domestic violence and other forms of bullying or violence so their safety choices are more informed and their sense of self recovers and grows;

Improving esteem and assertiveness;

Getting on better in marriages and generating more love and intimacy;

Overcoming sexual problems to make being intimate more fun;

Taking responsibility for wounding behaviour and making effective attempts to repair a wounded relationship;

Handling parenting challenges better;

Building connection with children and marriage partners through words of affirmation/blessing.

The therapist does NOT specialise in some fields and prefers to not take referrals for:

Pregnancy termination counselling

Fixed delusional thoughts

Serious or life threatening eating disorders

Gender identity or sexual preference issues. (a client’s preferred goals in this area will be respected and not determined by the therapist)

Transgender transition

Psychometric testing for assessing specific learning difficulties

This service does NOT provide emergency appointments.   

If you live in Western Australia, you are at a low point and you know you might put someone else or yourself at risk and you know you need emergency support please use one of these services:

Phone Mental Health Emergency Response Line (MHERL) - 1300 555 788 (staffed 24 hours by mental health trained health department staff.

Phone Lifeline – 13 11 14 – a national charity providing people experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

Find your way to the nearest emergency department so staff can assess and treat you and advise whether a short emergency department stay or a short hospital stay might help you.